Billing Questions:

Note: Please call during regular business hours to speak to someone regarding a bill.

Q:  Why did I receive a bill that should have been paid by my insurance!
A:  Please call our billing company, Mediclaim Data Services, (800) 953-9777.  Michael Sherry will graciously help you sort it out.

Q:  Why did I get billed for an ambulance if I did not get taken to the hospital?
A:  Arizona DHS requires billing for ambulance responses, regardless of transport.  Please see our Medical Info page for more Information.

Q:  Why did I get an ambulance bill at all?  Doesn’t my property tax pay for that?
A:  No, it does not.  It does cover you for fire protection if you live within the fire district.  For more information please see our Medical Info, and Fire Info Pages.


Fire Related:

Q:  Can I burn [Insert Item Here] …
A:  Open burning of paper, wood, and brush is allowed under strict regulations.  An inspection and permit is required.  Please see the Fire Info Page.

Q:  Is my smoke detector working?
A:  Please check with the manufacturer of your specific detector.  Generally though, there should be a button readily visible you can push to check your detector.  Remember to keep fresh batteries installed, and if you are unsure, purchase a new one.


General Questions:

Q:  Can I Volunteer?
A:  Yes!  Please see our Employment and Volunteering Page for more information!

Q:  I have property there somewhere.  Can you give me directions
A:  Probably, but since you are here, you can access the Mohave County Assessor website and search for your property by owner name, or parcel number.  Then click on the “View Map” link to see your property on an interactive county map.

Q:  Are you hiring?
A:  We are always accepting applications.  Please visit the Employment and Volunteering page for an application and information.

Q:  Where is Dolan Springs? / What is Dolan Springs like?
A:  Please see our community section for more information.

Q:  Can I contact a Sheriff’s Deputy at the fire station?
A:  No.  The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office did at one time have a desk in an office at the fire station, but they have moved into an office at the Mt. Tipton School.  If you see an Mohave County Sheriff’s Office (MOCSO) Vehicle parked outside the school there is a deputy on the premises there.  Please call the Sheriff’s Office directly (911) or 1-800-522-4312 for law enforcement issues.

Q:  Help!  I have a snake in my house/yard!
A:  We will respond and remove a snake from your house, free of charge (Within the fire district), depending on personnel availability and time of day.
Call (928) 767-3300 for non-emergency calls.  This is the desert and snakes are part of our landscape.  If you would like more information about snakes and how to live with and deal with them, please see our Community Page.

Q:  Help!  I have bees in my yard/garage/porch/tree/etc.
A:  We offer some options if you have bees swarming somewhere on your property.  Depending upon availability of personnel, we will come to your residence and foam bees that pose a threat to life.  The best time to do this is early morning or late evening when the bees are not active.  Note that we generally will only make one attempt at hive eradication and further problems should be addressed by a professional pest control service.  Please call our business line (928) 767-3300 for this non-emergency service.

Q:  What is your website Privacy Policy’s?
A:  Please see our Privacy Page for more information.

Billing Inquiries:

Please note the minimal information requested for billing inquiries. This is to help ensure your privacy.
Note: Please DO NOT send any credit card information via email, email messages aren’t secure.