Burn Permits

How to apply for a permit

If you have a permit, please call before and after you burn

(928) 767-3300


If you are a resident of Dolan Springs or Meadview and wish to burn brush or weeds on your property, you must apply for a burn permit from LMRFD.

Things that cannot be burned under any circumstances:

  • All plastic materials
  • Waste petroleum products
  • hazardous materials
  • tar paper
  • poison oak, ivy, or sumac
  • oleander
  • asbestos
  • aerosol spray cans
  • flammable liquids
  • explosives or ammunition
  • polyester
  • thermal insulation
  • tires
  • electric wire insulation
  • batteries
  • asphalt shingles

If you have any questions about whether or not the material you wish to burn is permitted, please give us a call.

 Obtaining a permit:

Please visit our office at 16126 Pierce Ferry Rd, Dolan Springs AZ 86441 to apply for a free burn permit. Your property may be subject to an inspection from our fire suppression staff before the permit becomes valid. If it is supplied by city water then this inspection may be waived.

You may also download and fill out the burn permit here. Once finished, visit the Pierce Ferry Road office to submit the permit for approval. The permit must be signed by a member of LMRFD, assigned a number, and submitted into our database by the LMRFD administrator. If the permit is not in our database, any open burning is not legal.

Rules for Burning:

1. Must have street address posted in a visible location
2. Wind speed must be less than 10 miles per hour
3. Must have water under pressure
4. Only burn sunrise to sunset
5. Burning must occur more than 50 feet from any structure, unless the fire is contained in an approved waste burner. Then the distance is 15 feet.
6. Call us at 928-767-3300 before and after you burn. When notifying us of an intent to open burn, you must supply the permit number written on the permit by LMRFD staff.

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